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F-Machine Tremblr Milking Machine

F-Machine Tremblr Milking Machine

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she sucks you

until you are dry!

The F-Machine Tremblr is the brand new male milking and masturbation machine that can suck and fuck until you can't anymore!

Imagine an expert blowjob that you can control with just your fingertips, anytime and as often as you want. Now available in the Sk8erboy Shop!!

Tremblr never gets tired and never gets bored. Tremblr can suck your cock softly, slowly and sensually, or suck your balls deep and bring you to a frenzied climax that will make you explode. It's hard to imagine, but you'll consider Tremblr your new lover. You'll be amazed by Tremblr's mere presence in the room. And yes, it is more than likely that you will fall in love with this machine.

The name "Tremblr" comes from the effect it will have on your legs: it will literally make you tremble until you explode your cock and mind in one big powerful punch. This isn't a toy you'll get bored with after five minutes. It is a companion with which you will redesign your sex life and spend more time with it again.

Also, Tremblr is so quiet that your neighbors won't hear you unless you can't control your ecstasy and start moaning loudly.

We recommend this as a lubricantMister B LUBE Sensitive water-based personal lubricant. It is gentle on the material and on your best piece!

  • Click on the unboxing video to see more details
  • Extremely robust and discreet transport case
  • Wireless remote control (start-stop, speed control, suction power/travel)
  • 3 ultra-light masturbation receivers (hands-free) with a maximum speed of 180 strokes per minute
  • Powerful yet quiet industrial motor and speed controller
  • Adjustable pump performance
  • Internal storage compartments for standard accessories
  • Fits 95% of penis sizes (supplied with three cylinders (M, L, XL)
  • Automatic 110/240V power supply suitable for most power grids worldwide
  • Power cord with UK plug. EU adapter included!
  • Machine viewing window with blue activation LEDs and red LED with engine cutout
  • Built-in electric fan for prolonged use even in the hottest situations
  • Supplied with accessories also for maintenance and adjustment of the milking machine

 Shipping time from stock: 4-6 weeks

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