Die geilen Schweine sind los! Oink oink!

The horny pigs are loose! Oink oink!

Hey you horny SAU? Is your full latte always horny?

Then we have exactly the right thing for you! The Sk8erboy® HORNY PIG Socks are the coolest thing you can wear pig. With the bold message on the sole, you're not only a great pig in the stable at home, but also in the club.

Since you like to rush around with your game partners, you need exactly these socks. Do you like sticking your pig nose in someone else's armpit or crotch? Is there constant pressure on your crossbar that wants to get out? Let the wild pig out and grunt all day long!

The hot pink of the socks on the upper band with two rings, on the heel and toe round off perfectly. The contrast to the white crewcut of the socks is awesome! Your name is clearly visible on the handle PIG with your constantly sniffing pig nose. HORNY PIG is written in bold black letters on the soles. Not only in the sling or doggy from behind, also ideal for you as an active sniffer!

In combination with our Sk8erboy® Shiny boxer shorts in magenta or white , and our hot ones Sk8erboy® HORNY PIG T-Shirt is the party in the stable!